Ever need a recipe for an awesome butterbean soup to captivate the best of those vegeatble ingredients? Look no further. I am going to let you in on my secret ingredients. Butter bean vegetable soup, ginger tea, spring cleaning, windows open, incense burning, creating, watered plants, fresh lawn, fresh laundry, bottled infusing, inspired, sunny days on deck. Welcome to spring!

Recipe includes 
Summer Squash
Yellow Sweet peppers
Red Sweet peppers
Orange Sweet peppers
Purple potatoes
Red Potatoes
Vidalia Onion
Butter Beans
Red sweet peppers
Jamaican Jerk Sea...

The benefits of using a wooden comb, whether it's your beard or scalp, outweigh the use of plastic by far!

Amethyst, the February birthstone, is top of my list (along with Citrine which is essentially the same, but that’s another story). It is probably one of the most distinct and recognizable of stones. It is a calming stone that offers balance and peace and is a sobering stone that helps to articulate problems and practical solutions. Amethyst rules the crown chakra and is a highly spiritual stone. It is great for anyone working to build personal wealth, growing their business, or fostering love which is why it is said to be the stone of happiness and contentment. My favorite partially because it is m...

From helping to kill bacteria associated with many dental diseases and reducing bad breath to helping to fight against cold and flu it is hard to go wrong with green tea. Known to help prevent hair loss as well as reduce the severity of asthma the benefits do not stop there. Whether drinking or applying topically, green tea has a host of other benefits such as improving skin complexion, acting as a toner, and even helping to prevent skin cancer. It is full of antioxidants and contains hundreds of bioactive compounds(polyphenols/flavanoids) and vitamins . Whether you are looking for help with #weigh...

Mahogany is a strong wood and Its spiritual properties include healing of the emotions and spirit. It assists you with spiritual growth and guidance. It is also a wood of protection and strength. 

When I spoke to this old wise guy he imparted in me lifetimes of encouragement. It was amazing hearing from an old friend. It was awesome the whispers gained by just sitting at his base and enjoying nature. Listening to everything from the waves crashing to the breeze pass by,  I could hear cars in the distance but it was almost as if the path of growth was numb to the noise. It was as if the tree knew it'...

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