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In aromatherapy, Myrrh has been known to aide with relief for colds, congestion, coughs, bronchitis, and phlegm. These doses are typically in essential oil form, however. As well as using it as an incense or spiritually, several medical journals have confirmed it may help with the following also:

  • Kill Harmful Bacteria
  • May Support Oral Health
  • Supports Skin Health and May Help Heal Sores
  • Combats Pain and Swelling
  • May Be a Powerful Antioxidant


It is said to have a sedative scent and inhaling it has been known to lift negative moods, promote the feeling of being grounded, and encourage the feeling of spiritual awakening. Thus more often, we tend to use it in many of the Millenheirs hair and skin products but also burn it in several of our blends. 

To burn: Light Charcoal, place in flameproof container, place a bit of resin on charcoal. 

*Note: 1.57 x 3.9 Inch container. Approximately 2oz. sold by volume, not weight.

    Myrrh Resin

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