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Made with rosewater, peppermint essential oils, and rosemary our spray comes with a misting nozzle and contains all natural Ingredients aimed at penetrating your roots and follicles for maximum nourishment. Now that you do not have to worry about gunky build up you can focus more on how the rosewater spray hydrates and strengthens the hair and scalp without leaving hair greasy or accumulating build up. It is safe for all hair and skin types though geared to work best on microlocks, interlocks, dreadlocks, braidlocks, twistlocks, curly hair and sisterlocks. It also works for protective styles like braids and twist. The rosewater spray works to refresh and soothe a dry itchy scalp while promoting hair growth.


Other benefits: 


-free of sulphate and other harmful chemicals



Rosemary Mint Rosewater Loc & Curl Spray

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