Help get your life together! The Goddess Life Metaphysical Deck combines animal mysticism, the energies of crystals/gemstones, and the mystical properties of herbs & flowers along with affirmations to bring you a deck that will open you up to the power within. As you start to become more aware and your sense are more keen to all that surrounds you,  it will help attune you to what things the universe is speaking. Whether you do a 1 card pull or a full spread, you can get daily guidance from the various pathways offered in our unique and all encompassing 88 card divinatory deck.

The accompanying guidebook helps to give you an accurate reading for yourself, loved ones, or clients.


Whether you are a novice or skilled reader, you will find that working with the Goddess Life Metaphysical Deck will help bring CLARITY, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, & INSIGHT to your everyday life.



The Goddess Life Metaphysical Deck

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