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Vi·ril·i·ty /vəˈrilədē/ noun the quality of having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive; manliness. Using a combination of herbs such as ashwaganda, maca root, saw palmetto, ginseng, schisandra berry and a few others our VIRILITY blend helps to improve overall stamina and performance. The virility tincture can help ease adrenal fatigue and post workout stress. It also can improve sperm health and motility.

• Maca - improve the quality of sperm
• Ginseng - Improve performance
• Saw Palemetto - improve prostate health, enhance urinary tract function, & increase testosterone
• Schisandra berry - boosting energy at the cellular level
• Ashwagandha - boost libido and improves sperm count


Virility Fortification Tincture

  • 1 oz. bottle

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